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Grammar, Spelling Conventions and — these days — a Declaration on Pronouns

We use standard grammar on this website, and we use it better than many others.

Spelling conventions usually follow the common rules, especially when it comes to issues done wrong by most of the people (like to set up something, to double-check the camera setup, doing the set-up thing again — for lack of a better example here).

Pronouns and other “politically correct” nonsense is usually something we couldn’t care less about. Anyone intending to sue us for it would be well-advised to look into the Golden Rule first; this is a time-proven rule in accordance to which the male form is meant to also include the female form (as in the plaintiff and his attorney includes the meaning the plaintiff and her attorney as well). It has been long discovered — since the onset of anything remotely resembling something like modern times in England and at English common law that this is the only solution rendering texts still readable and communications still transporting, well, communication (or information, or a message). We, therefore, stick to this and directly, though respectfully, ask every modern-day wokee to also go sticking: you sure get an idea of what’s meant here…

This, in summary, are the basic rules we adhere to on this website and in our quality communications.