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Marketing Glossary of Terms

Your FREE online dictionary on marketing, SEO, and wider website and internet technology terms. Digital marketing glossary for online-marketing terms, find popular buzzwords defined. This is your easy resource.

The Marketing + SEO Glossary of Terms is a work in progress you can contribute to and make money while doing so! We invite all users to submit brief entries on terms that are not yet included in our Glossary. We review all submissions and pay the submitter $15 per successful quality entry. Shorter or incomplete entries may receive less (if still accepted and usable). Terms and Conditions apply.

So here we go, let’s dive in — or Contribute, and You Can Earn $15 for It!


Copywriting is the occupation of writing content, or copy, for a specific use. Typically this includes text writing for catalogs, writing a script for a video or movie dialog, or crafting headlines for ads, articles, book titles, billboard posters and similar.


E-mail sequence, a series of emails based on triggers like customer actions or time

Emoji images, often made available in certain apps and on tablet and smartphone keyboards, for illustrating “emotions” (a good way for people who cannot seem to achieve this in writing). Recommendation: Don’t use if you want to be taken seriously.

Emoticon, an ASCII-only “picture” used to convey emotions in text-only messages, as used during the early days of the internet


Landing Page, a standalone webpage with a focused marketing message


Sales Funnel, an automated customer journey from opt-in to checkout

SEO (Search-Engine Optimization). SEO means search-engine optimization. SEO is not a job title, there is no such thing as a person being an SEO, and especially it wouldn’t mean someone was a CEO — far from it, actually! (Usually they are a hired contractor, an intern or maybe a junior staff member in Marketing quite far removed from board members.)

Staging Website, a staging website is a preliminary website used when trying out updates or new installations in a professional way.