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Let’s Connect on Webtalk — 4M Users and Counting

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Connect with me on Webtalk Today!Among the many solutions in the wide and colorful Social Media world, there are some that work and some that simply don’t. And by working and not working I mean suitability for business — not so much for playing around and wasting your time…

Social Media and What’s It Worth at All

Love it or hate it, when it comes to real-world results from Social Media platforms, Facebook is still number one, along with Google’s own (as in acquired) Youtube video and social network (because that’s what it is). You can run paid-for advertising campaigns of some sort or another on may other platforms too, ranging from Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram or even Tinder, but none of those produce results only remotely similar to the former ones.

That is, until you’ve seen Webtalk…

Introducing Webtalk

Webtalk is a game-changer in as far as profit sharing as well as functionality are concerned. Profits from Webtalk income will be shared with its users, as in up to 50% of revenue will be paid out to Webtalk users according to published formulas they make available on the Webtalk and accompanying websites. Check it out if you want to see all the details

This strategy has already brought Webtalk a significant user base — 4 Million users at the time of writing, and counting — even before Webtalk is really officially launched to the public. (The platform is still officially in Beta, with current users doing real-life testing of all the planned and already released Webtalk features, of which there are many.)

Connect with me on Webtalk today, check out this link to see more.