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Sendinblue Now Becomes Brevo

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News update on Sendinblue becoming

News update on Sendinblue becoming

Over the years, Sendinblue has become more than just an email campaign tool. The service has added several new marketing channels and new ways to run businesses, like meeting scheduling and a Sales CRM. This evolution was something the company wanted to reflect. So Sendinblue made some changes. It got new colors, a new look, and a new name to reintroduce ourselves. Now the household name for e-mail in marketing Sendinblue is being transitioned to Brevo. And their business is here to help marketers and other businesses connect with their contacts and clients. Take a moment and look into how that’s done with Brevo.

A company name is more than just a label. It represents an identity, values, and purpose. For that reason, renaming a company takes thoughtful consideration. It requires investment, commitment, determination, and often a leap of faith.

So why go through it? Sometimes, it’s a necessary step to evolve and grow as a business. For Sendinblue, it marks the start of an exciting new phase.

In this article, we’ll look at the company’s journey from Sendinblue to Brevo — why they did it, what it means, and what’s next.

Decision to Rename: Brand “Outgrew Sendinblue”

Renaming after a decade of operation is quite rare. There could be any number of reasons why companies rename — a change of ownership, or maybe because the name no longer stands out in a competitive landscape.

In Sendinblue’s case, it was to express a major business evolution: the product simply outgrew our name. Sendinblue started as a newsletter service. But today, only 31% of its clients are focused solely on sending newsletters.

Since Sendinblue’s start in 2012, it grew significantly. It acquired other companies, expanded its global presence, and launched new products and features. But one thing always remained constant: its mission to empower businesses of every size to forge lasting customer relationships.

Customer behavior has literally transformed in the last 10 years. Today’s customers look for personal connections with their brands. They want to be approached with messages as unique as they are, and they want to interact with companies anytime, anywhere. In short, they expect more than just a service — they expect an experience.

Sendinblue’s clients needed more because its customers wanted more. Businesses rely on modern technology to deliver great experiences, at scale. Sendinblue set out to do exactly that: to create a simple and affordable platform with marketing and CRM tools, across multiple channels (email, SMS, WhatsApp, chat). It has grown from an email marketing platform to a full CRM suite.

New Name to Carry Sendinblue’s Mission Forward

Those were big changes, so you can see how the “Send” in “Sendinblue” was too limiting. Its scope evolved, ​​and it was time for a new name and a new brand to facilitate the transition. It had to align with the changing expectations of our customers.

When Sendinblue finally landed on Brevo, it claims it knew it had found the one.

Brevo comes from the word Bravo, a word that celebrates success — the success of its clients and their confidence in their ability to grow. It has given it more energy and made it unique by replacing the ‘a’ with an ‘e’.

Brevo marks an exciting new milestone for its clients, its community, and its affiliate partners. It’s a name that celebrates the relationships it builds with those around us.