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Website Same-Day Backup, (One-Off Service)


Protect yourself against website data or content loss!

We back your website up and deliver a .zip file as well as optional uncompressed backup files.

Data Backup Plans are your safety net against all types of website content loss in case of server malfunction, attack, damage through malware, user error, and similar. Get one plan, use on up to 3 (three) websites belonging to the same domain — so if you also have a test site and a staging site on top of your real or your production website, these are already covered and will be backed-up by us, too!

Safeguard your website and all its content! Order our Same-Day Backup Service for your website content. (Same-Day delivery on business days, Mon-Fri.)

All our plans also include free Recovery services by one of our experienced admins, so your website will be up and running again quickly using and displaying the content of your most recent backup. It really depends on the backup interval chosen. (Only in case of an unsaved recent update, and in the not-so-likely event of “it” happening after your last regular backup, will there be any noticeable difference; if you do an important/big re-edit or similar time-intensive tasks, then you can ask us to run your one-off backup right afterwards, right when you finish.

This is for a single backup for one website URL from our team of experts.
  • Securing your website content against loss from server mal-funtion, attack, or user error while editing & more
  • this is a one-off service, guaranteed to safely back your content up, you receive a full backup copy for safe-keeping
  • money-back guarantee, if not successful!