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What Is an E-mail Sequence?

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An e-mail sequence can be defined as a series of e-mails based on triggers like customer actions or time.

What’s an E-mail Sequence Used for?

E-mail sequences are used for marketing purposes and, more in general, for keeping in touch with your audience. That can be your audience of a blog where you either alert your users to new blog posts via an e-mail alert they receive when new posts go public. It can also be a group of your customers, or the entirety of all customers you have on a given website, an online store, or multiple such ventures where you keep them updated to new offers or items you have, often in hopes of a number of them purchasing such offer as a result of the notification.

Types of E-mail Sequences

More broadly, e-mail sequences can also be the signup messages sent to new users when subscribing to a newsletter or other such periodically mailed out publication. Under GDPR, which purportedly seeks to limit unwanted e-mails and privacy intrusions, the opposite effect happened as GDPR requires double opt-in and, therefore, as a result increases e-mail amounts, annoyance to users, and energy wasted (each e-mail sent from any server or other sender on the internet uses at least 300 Watts of electricity; go figure what this means for overall energy consumption only for complying with GDPR whether you want it or not. (The subscriber confirmation message and re-confirmation e-mails still qualify as an “e-mail sequence” regardless.)

Advanced Use of E-mail Sequences

More advanced e-mail sequences are used for disseminating free information to subscribers or as part of a Sales Funnel.