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Why MEGA Cloud Storage Is Also Great for Marketers

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Mega Upload, secure cloud-storage services

MEGA offers a one-of-its-kind solution for securing your stored files, whether for personal or business use. The cloud-storage platform comes with a free Starter Plan, and there are also numerous paid-for plans that scale up to both power users and commercial use requirements.

MEGA Cloud Storage Compares Extremely Favorably

It’s the much better and smarter option than, say, Google Drive or Dropbox. (Read up on Privacy basics here if you didn’t know that and need to look up why Dropbox/AmazonS3 is not really a good idea.)

It is also worth mentioning that the MEGA secure storage platform seamlessly integrates with a wide range of devices, including NAS devices like QNAP and Synology, and has browser apps as well as standalone apps for all major operating systems. MEGA also offers MEGAcmd, a very neat command-line tool, to address the needs of IT professionals or programmers as well.

What Marketers Can Do with MEGA a Cloud Storage Account

For marketers, MEGA Secure Cloud Storage offers a great alternative to much-hated Google Drive and Dropbox — both of which are infamous for their surveillance and lack of real control over user data. (To learn more about these concerns, read DuckDuckGo’s educational articles on Privacy and how to use alternatives to Google products in order to claim back your legitimate self-control over your data on the internet.) MEGA Secure Cloud Storage convincingly and masterfully addresses these concerns and offers an alternative option for all of us who want to be in charge ourselves (rather than any corporations, governments or faceless entities so wholly unrelated to us).

Storing Your Lead-Magnet Content with MEGA

With MEGA Secure Cloud Storage, it is easy to store your Lead Magnet or Free Downloads material online. Simply link to your storage location, and your users and sign-up newcomers can download whatever free gift you’re offering during the onboarding process for your new users.

MEGA Secure Storage is a great offer from the New-Zealand-based startup that had been founded by Kim Dotcom when he came to the country in search for greener pastures.

MEGA Is Secure (Unlike Most of the Others)!

MEGA offers a unique safety feature where encrypted files — that cannot even be accessed by the company’s tech people — can be safely shared across the internet, including unsafe (unencrypted) simple emails or mobile text messages if need be. This is achieved by cleverly dividing the stored file’s URL into a public part and a private-key part that can be disguised or can be sent separately for security reasons.

Give it a try and see for yourself how this works!