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The Best E-Mail Solutions

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Powerfully-simple email marketing for ecommerce businesses by AWeber

When it’s about Marketing, e-mail is one of the predominant tools you’ll come across sooner or later.

A Pretty Good Selection to Pick From

Every now and then, there are customers requesting we set them up with the best-possible e-mail solution. Which one is the best solution always depends on customer requirements. There may be customers who want to build e-mail lists as quickly and efficiently as possible, or the focus may be on sending out newsletters, or customers want to constantly submit their affiliate links to their audience via cleverly-packed content that makes this still look appealing.

Any of the above can be done.

What Are the Choices Specifically?

So while serving some of our clients with all three of the above options, I have been learning a lot myself. The results of what I’ve actually learned, in “Widescreen and Technicolor”, or boots-on-the-ground, and in real life!

  • Time for setting it up and migrating over is one of the biggest factors
  • Price isn’t really that important, they’re not so different from each other anyway
  • A streamlined experience and, what’s more, user dashboard is what really makes it fly — both for myself setting it up, and for my customers using it down the line

Content considerations are also always on my mind as censorship and centralized propaganda is an increasing issue in today’s internet (remember, the internet actually started out and was successful because it used to be DECENTRALIZED and CENSORSHIP-FREE! I’m pretty sure, Elon Musk (as well as Steve Wozniak, and many others) would agree immediately!

A Quick List of Our Favorite Picks

So here’s a little insight into what I know — and what I learned on top these past few months –, along with the services offering some or all of these features:

  • AWeber, still by far the best of ’em all!
  • Activecampaign + Postmark (now part of Activecampaign)
  • MailerSend
  • Mailgun (working with Sinchemail)
  • Brevo
  • MailPoet
  • MailBaby
  • SMTPprovider, very affordable discount pricing: based in India and starting at $2 per month — really unheard of.