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Big Difference Between Facebook and Google Ads

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Checking on your Google Ads campaigns is improtant for getting good results

It goes without saying that picking the right tools is essential in social media marketing and email marketing as well as in any other area of your life. Trouble is, with virtual tools it is less obvious whether you’ve got the right or wrong one than it is with, say, a hammer or scissors.

Still, the difference is just as fundamental when it comes to deciding between Facebook Ads and Adwords by Google.

Ads on Facebook for your paid traffic

If you’re interested in going into more detail about these differences, please read the following episodes of this series, coming up in our Pro-Tips series throughout the next few weeks. We want to be very clear what to do and when, and these details will be covered in an easy-to-follow format, so our subscribers and website visitors have the inside track when it comes to doing online marketing and email list building right.