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How to Fire Up a Photography Website

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Photography websites are a pretty common type of website. Whether for local photographers advertising their business or for less locally inclined content of commercial photographers, travel photographers, genre photos or related artistic content, some sort of a photography website usually is what it comes down to.

Typical Parts of a Photography Website

On top of a front page, a photography website almost always includes some type of a photo gallery, so the photographer owner of the website can show off his work *), as well as an about-me section telling visitors more about the personal skills, experience and more of the owner.

Best Way of Attracting Visitors to Photo Websites

In order to attract as many visitors as possible to any photography website, it might be a good idea to extensively sample photography styles and include a multitude of images within an image gallery. Also, make sure said image gallery looks good (as in visually pleasing), has a professionally-looking layout, and is easily discoverable on the website — if it’s not the front page or entry page for the site in the first place.

Numerous plugins for all the different CMS-es (content-management systems) are readily available to achieve just that, be it for Drupal, Joomla, the ubiquitous WordPress CMS and its extensive Plugin library, or for plain-text and markdown pages you put up by yourself, or any mix thereof. We can point you to recommended ones, if you need any directions, or we can, of course, do the entire setup for you as well — whichever option you’re inclined to go for.

A list of the best Plugins we know of is included below, including clickable links that take you directly to download and install information for the gallery, Plugin, or other solution involved (coming soon).

It is always a good idea to include images that fall under the wider category of travel photography, as these usually touch the interest of most people and, thus, are most likely to speak to and resonate with your audience. And that, of course, is what you want to do in order to retain visitors to your website and, ideally, also convert them into registered users and potentially paying clients.

Coming soon: clickable photo-gallery recommendations:

(clickable list & more information coming up, please check back soon!)

*) content on this website is written in accordance with our grammar guidelines which follow the Golden Rule (male form is also meant to include female form) and, therefore prohibit any woke aberrations so common these days.